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An Odyssey of the Absurd


So, we’re currently on tour with Heffron Drive. It’s a 12 sleeper tour bus, 6 guys plus me and my friend Alex, who I dragged on tour with me. Alex and I are holding down the fort for the girls.
We picked the bus up in New York, stopped in North Carolina, where we made a little video in the pool (You can see I’m freezing in that picture, it was not summer weather) and landed in Houston, for our first show.
Getting to meet everyone after each show will undoubtedly be the highlight for me. It’s the whole reason for being on tour.

So far, we’ve had numerous trips to Walmart, a couple seriously competitive games of Catch Phrase, a bus sing-a-long (featuring the Cranberries and the Backstreet Boys) and one awesome show. I’ll be posting more pictures and all the dumb, funny stories we rack up along the way. Stay tuned!! xx


eventually is like a sniper

an egotistical time-whore

casually watching you

through the cross hairs 

waiting to pick you off

at its own convenience

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A Whiskey, A Fool, A Piñata

I awoke from my time travel to the realization that I had been talking to a piñata for the last four minutes.  This cute little bastard sucked me right in.  She was interesting and very colorful.  She told me she was gay so I told her I was sad.  She…

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There was only one way I could get to New York City, and it was through the dragon’s dick.  I had no choice.  The band depended on me.  After I narrowly avoided the beasts’ beastly testicles, I regained consciousness in the East Village.  The fascists…

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Polaroid. A pleasure to shoot Ariana DiLorenzo in a private filming/recording session, wearing a custom jumpsuit by Daniel Silverstein. 

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[a song she knew we knew]

the music to be heard had been consumed by the song in her head
and the lyric some preferred
was neglected to be said

as the words wilted with the trees through the wounded whisper of what once was
her eyes danced and waved
with the conviction she saved


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An Ode to The Beast

For as long as I can remember

on many occasions

without warning

my mood would shift like the tide

as defeat and insecurity would mutiny like mad souls with a sinister smile

They’d forcibly grab the helm

and redirect my sails in opposition to the wind

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Review of KTO

Reblogged from The East Coast Fling:


The website SYFFAL (Shut Your Fucking Face and Listen) just reviewed our song Kathleen Turner Overdrive.  Who needs grammar and punctuation with reviews…

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Sometimes when people ask me who my biggest and greatest influence is as a musician, my answer is Bobby D., a.k.a. Robert De Niro.  People always assume I’m joking and I suppose to some extent I am, but the main point is that I’ve noticed a trend of…

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Hammerstein Ballroom with ThaliaOn Friday, September 21, I played at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC with Thalia.  I gotta be…View Postshared via

Hammerstein Ballroom with Thalia

On Friday, September 21, I played at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC with Thalia.  I gotta be…

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